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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
(0.0 / 5)
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  • Specifications Of 1
    Category Play & Remote Control Vehicles
    SKU 81113

    Contol  Street Trooper PT-808


    • Description: 
           ο The radi
    controlled vehicle provides a twist on the remote controlled car that will thrill kids.
           ο In addition t
    the usual driving around, the Street Troopers PT-808 can transform int
    a robot at the push of a button and shoot missiles at the enemy.
           ο Morphs from vehicle t
    attack mode and back again by radi
           ο Working lights and attack launcher.
           ο Tri-channel transmitter s
    three people can play simultaneously and battle it out!
           ο Meets or exceeds safety regulations for projectile toys.
    • Features: 
           ο Transform int
    a robot with a button push:
                  * After we installed the batteries, we instantly tried the transform function.
                  * Holding down the large, backlit button on the remote did exactly as it was supposed to, and the car transformed int
    a robot.
                  * Holding the button down again, the robot transformed back int
    a car.
           ο Shoot missiles in robot mode:
                  * While in robot mode, the PT-808 reveals a rapid-fire 5-shot cannon in his chest that can be fired using one of tw
    buttons on the remote.
                  * Installing the missiles required us t
    push the missiles int
    each cavity until it clicked in. Unfortunately, we were only able t
    load four of the five missiles.
                  * When we pushed the button, we shot the four missiles in about five seconds.
                  * The missiles are 73.5mm in length and 4.5mm in diameter, and have a range of about tw
                  * Younger children should be cautioned not t
    aim the missiles at people"s eyes.
           ο Car offers great maneuverability:
                  * The car is maneuvered using tw
    control sticks, which move the car forward and backward, and make it spin left and right.
                  * Extending the antenna as far as it goes, we were able t
    control the car all around the room with only a few problems of reception when it zipped int
    the furthest corner, and we were pleased with the general speed of the vehicle.
                  * We wished the tires had more grip, however, as the vehicle did seem t
    slip on some surfaces.
           ο Battle with friends:
                  * The PT-808 can operate on three different radi
    frequencies, set via a switch on the car and remote.
                  * This allows kids t
    play with up t
    three vehicles simultaneously without interference between the remote frequencies, s
    you and tw
    other friends can race and battle it out with the PT-808 and other street troopers vehicles.


    • Comes with: PT-808 vehicle, remote control, instruction manual.
    • Age group: 5 years and up.
    • Brand: Maisto.

    Dispatch Time Within 3 Working Days
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