Redbell 1:10 1967 Ford Mustang

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SKU 81032
Description Product Description From the Manufacturer 1:10 Scale Radi
Control is coming together in 2010 with brand new colors throughout the line. All of the same features you have come t
love are included, such as: Tri-Channel Transmitter t
play side by side, battery charger and rechargeable batteries, designer rims, and more. Especially hot in 2010 is the 1967 Ford Mustang GT.. Bring your radi
control experience retr
today. Product Description Xzibit doesnt have t
pimp this ride for sure! Maist
- well-known manufacturer for their highly detailed die-cast models, introduces their first line of luxury RC vehicles. Maist
Rodz RC Series is really "luxurious" or as they say... "bling bling..." If Snoop Dogg was 8 years old, hed definitely be flossing this ride. T
describe the how detailed Maist
1:12 scale Pr
Rodz Series RC vehicle is like trying t
describe that bitter sweet taste in your mouth after biting int
a new flavor of skittles. Its sorta hard t
describe in words. You have t
actually see how flawlessly detailed this vehicle is. Its s
awesomely detailed, it can just look pretty in a display case. You might just possibly keep it inside of its packaging... but whats fun in that?! You gotta take this baby out for a ride and make your neighbors RC cars look like its from a thrifty store. With a powerful electric motor, bevel differentials and an electric speed controller this radi
control is rocketed t
speeds of up t
150mph! (Thats scale speed, not an actual speed). Absolutely everything you need t
race out-of-the-box is included. Fully installed RC equipment with batteries. Tri-Channel Transmitter allows you t
have competitive racing up t
3 people regardless what model they have. Maist
Playerz Luxury Series RC vehicle is perfect for both novice and advanced RC enthusiasts! It als
makes a perfect collectors item. Includes: ? 9.6v Rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery Pack ? AC Adapter (4 Hour Charger) ? 9v Battery Dimension: L 15.0" x W 7.0" x H 4.0" inches Product Features 1:10 scale radi
control 1967 Ford Mustang GT Tri-channel transmitter t
play side by side Battery charger and rechargeable batteries Designer rims by Premiere Wheel Makers GFG Controller uses 1 9V battery (including)
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