Organic India Dengue Protection Kit

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Fight Dengue H1N1 and Viral Flues with Herbs

·         Monsoon and viral flue are almost synonymous

·         Bird flue, chikungunya and dengue, and latest one H1N1 Viral infection are viral diseases bring epidemic.

·         Monsoon provides conducive conditions to viruses to grow multiply and spread.

·         Viral flue viruses spread through air, are highly contagious and take epidemic form in no time.

·         With regular use of some herbs/herbal formulations viral/spine flue can be prevented.

·         These herbs and formulations help treat viral flue/swine flue.

·         Tulsi and Neem and Katuki are 3 such herbs.

 Tulsi, the purest and most sublime plant, has been known and worshipped in India for more than five millennia for its remarkable healing properties. Considered as an 'Elixir of Life', this wonder herb has now been claimed to keep the deadly H1N1 at bay and help fast recovery in afflicted persons.


Dangers of Dengue:-


·         Aching muscles and joints

·         High fever

·         Intense headache

·         Vomiting and feeling nauseous

·         Bleeding from your mouth/gums

·         Lower number of platelets in blood - these are the cells that help clot your blood

·         Internal bleeding, which can result in black vomit and feces (stools)

·         Intense stomach pain

·         Sudden hypotension (fast drop in blood pressure)

Organic India Dengue Protection Kit Details

BRAND Organic India
CATEGORY Natural Medicines
Antibiotic Capsules - Neem Leaves, Neem Flowers, Neem Soft Twigs
Immunity Capsules - Katuki, Krishna Tulsi, Vana Tulsi
Tea - Organic Rama Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi, Vana Tulsi 
No Side Effects
Tea - No side effects reported. But women who are pregnant, attempting to conceive, or lactating should consult their healthcare practitioner before consuming Tulsi 
2 Capsules twice a day with meal
Antibiotic Capsule - Relief from bacterial, viral, fungal and other parasitic infections
Immunity Capsule - Builds up immunity to fight flue and other infections 
60 Capsules, 25 Tea Bags
2 years from the date of manufacturing (capsules)


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