Shri and Sam Induction Cookware Set of 3

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The capacity of the Kadhai is 1100ml, Fry pan 1000ml & Saucepan is 1000ml
:- 20 CM Round on Top
Fry pan
:- 20 CM Round on Top
Sauce pan
:- 14 CM Round on Top
About the brand, its history, vendor details:
Jagdamba Flatware's is one of the topmost and leading manufactures & exporters of stainless steel cutlery, Kitchen tools Barware, Utensils etc. and handcrafts of India.
They are exporters to more than 40 countries across globe and also have strong presence in Indian market. Jagdamba Flatware's have launched their own brand in the domestic market called Shri & Sam for smart & affordable utensils Product 
This pack includes 1 Stainless Steel capsulated Kadhai, 1 Stainless Steel capsulated Fry pan, 1 Stainless capsulated Sauce Pan. These utensils are made up of good quality stainless with a capsule bottom. Capsulated Bottom refers to 3 layers of steel & aluminum, where there are two layers of steel and one layer of aluminum, which is fabricated through brazing as one solid utensil.This is done due to the fact that stainless steel is a poor conductor of heat & aluminum is a good conductor of heat, therefore by placing the layer of aluminum is the base the heat conductivity becomes more uniform
Benefits of this Product:
The most common desire for encapsulation is to produce more even heat distribution in stove top cookware while at the same time minimizing the potential of chemical reaction with the food. Typically aluminum is surrounded by stainless steel. The aluminum heats more evenly and more quickly than stainless steel which distributes heat slowly. The stainless steel is inert so it will not react with even the most acidic foods. The combination of even heat distribution along with an inert cooking surface and strong outer shell yields superior features for cookware. These utensils cook food in a better way than compared to plain stainless steel utensils as those utensils is bad conductor of heat and therefore results in uneven cooking.You could use the kadhai to fry puris, pakoras, make vegetables.Fry pan to fry cutlets & cook vegetables, panir bhujia etc & saucepan to make tea, boil milk etc.
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